Hi! My name is Gabe Aul, and I am currently leading the Software Platforms team for AR/VR at Facebook. My team is responsible for the software powering the Oculus Quest and Rift S devices, Spark AR, and a number of new technologies from incubation to release in products.

Prior to joining Facebook, I was the Corporate Vice President of the Windows Engineering System team at Microsoft.

I joined Microsoft in 1992 in Product Support Services, and worked in Test for Encarta before becoming a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team in 1998. In 1999 I started the Feedback team in Windows which partnered with Office and MSN to develop the first widespread customer feedback technologies (Watson, Windows Error Reporting, & SQM) earning multiple internal Microsoft awards, several patents, and published papers in the process. At the tail end of Vista I joined the Windows Performance team, and established a comprehensive approach to drive performance and other quality improvements for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 resulting in consecutive releases where system requirements shrank or stayed fixed while adding new features. During Windows 10, I created the Windows Insider Program, the largest technical preview program ever, and drove the systems and processes to flight Windows preview builds to millions of Insiders each week. In 2015 I joined the Engineering System team to modernize development systems and practices for Windows.

I was born in Colorado and spent most of my life in the Northwest. My wife Liz and I have a son and two daughters. In my spare time I love to drive and work on cars, tinker with software, tinker with electronics and 3D printing, and cook.

There’s even a page about me on Wikipedia┬áif you are interested in reading any more.